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What Causes Bad Breath?

Published by Brian Homann DDS

Even if you diligently keep up with a daily dental hygiene routine, it’s possible you might still struggle with bad breath. Many people deal with bad breath in some way or another, but not always for the same reason. If you’re self-conscious of your breath, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our dentist serving Elk Grove Village can help you identify what might be causing your bad breath.

Dry Mouth

Saliva works to help cleanse your mouth and also removes particles that cause bad odors. If you have dry mouth or xerostomia it may contribute to the odor of your breath because your production of saliva is decreased. Dry mouth naturally occurs during sleep, leading to “morning breath.”

Food Choices

When food particles break down in and around your teeth, bacteria increases and creates a foul odor. Eating certain foods, such as onions, garlic, and spices, can also contribute to bad breath. If you have an important meeting or social gathering, be mindful of your food choices before and during.

Tobacco Products

If you smoke or use other tobacco products, it can cause an unpleasant mouth odor. The smoke and chemicals in cigarettes have a tendency to linger on the tongue for long after smoking. Smokers and oral tobacco users are also more likely to contract gum disease, another source of bad breath.

Poor Dental Hygiene

If you do not make a habit of brushing daily and regularly visiting your dentist in Elk Grove Village for teeth cleanings, food particles may remain in your mouth and lead to bad breath. Plaque can build up on your teeth and irritate your gums. Your tongue also may trap bacteria and produce odors. Finally, dentures and retainers that aren’t cleaned regularly or that don’t fit properly can harbor odor-causing bacteria.

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